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With a diverse background in construction and building thermodynamics, our team are internationally trained and experienced in blower door testing and building fabric thermography for residential and commercial buildings.

Through education and training, Sustainability House works closely with industry stakeholders on the importance of controlling air leakage in buildings.



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Blower door testing 

Using high powered fan(s), pressure levels are controlled within a building. This escalates points of leakage, highlighting areas of weakness in the building fabric and allows us to understand how a building exchanges heat energy with its environment.

Blower door equipment

Blower door fan equipment 








Membership and standards

  • Air Infiltration and Ventilation Association of Australia (AIVAA)
    • ATTMA TSL1
    • AS/NZ ISO 9972.

The Facts


In conjunction with pressure testing, Sustainability House uses thermographic imaging. Thermographic imaging conveys surface temperature variation of objects, this is conveyed in colour variation; the darker the colour, the colder the surface temperature. This technique can detect air leakage, missing or damaged insulation, water ingress and electrical faults. 

Down light - Correct vs Incorrect 

The top image depicts missing insulation around a down light. The bottom image depicts correct down light installation, with no insulation disturbance.

NOTE – It is important to follow manufacturers installation guidelines when installing down lights.

Air Leakage

The blue (cold) splatter marks indicate air leakage from the window architrave and floor skirting. 

Water Leak

At the time of this photo the roof space is warmer than inside:

  • The light orange (M1) indicates missing or disturbed insulation
  • The blue (M3 / M4) indicate water pooling at ceiling level. Upon further inspection a roof leak was apparent (rectified prior to hand over)

Thermal modeling and comfort mapping

Sustainability House is a leading provider of advanced modelling, engineering and ESD services for residential and commercial building projects. We believe that it is important for the building design to be coordinated across all design disciplines.

As specialist ESD consultants, our knowledge and experience provides an integrated approach to:

  • Design advice / optimisation
  • HVAC consumption and advice
  • Thermal comfort analysis
  • Building sealing optimisation
  • NCC Performance Based Solutions

Monitoring and analysis

At Sustainability House, we believe it is important to ensure operational performance matches predictive design performance. We offer post occupancy testing and analysis for:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Electricity consumption
  • Renewable energy
  • C02
  • Energy alerts

Pre hand over / purchase inspections

Creating an efficient and comfortable home is about balancing energy gains and losses, unfortunately many new and existing homes do not perform this balancing act well.

Building or purchasing a new home?

  • Design optimisation
  • Materials selection
  • Pre  purchase / hand over energy audit inspections

Purchasing or renovation an existing home?

  • Design optimisation
  • Retrofit and renovation advice
  • Pre purchase / hand over energy audit inspections

Education and training

Our specialist ESD consultants offer a variety of training seminars. For more information please call and let us tailor a seminar to your needs.

Where a home leaks?

In relation to our international counterparts, Australian homes are poorly sealed and on average leak 60% more than they should.


Why controlling air leakage is important?

It is important to separate ventilation and air leakage:

  • Ventilation you can control
  • Air leakage you can not control

A simple moto to remember is – Build it tight and ventilate right

High levels of air leakage in a building can have adverse effects on a buildings longevity and its occupants.

Designing and constructing a tight building results in:

  • Reduced reliance on mechanical heating and cooling
  • Improved indoor environmental quality
  • Improved levels of thermal comfort
  • Improved moisture management 

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By using industry leading best practices, Sustainability House can strategically assist in delivering cost effective solutions to energy efficiency issues, whether you are building a new home or a major commercial project.

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