Sustainability House can offer a full suite of services associated with obtaining BESS (Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard) approvals:

BESS is a new generation sustainable design assessment tool for buildings at the planning permit stage. 

BESS supports the ‘Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process’ framework. In many Victorian councils, planning permit applicants are asked to submit information about how their proposed development addresses sustainability, either as a Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA, for small scale developments) or Sustainability Management Plan (SMP, for large scale developments).

BESS can be used to prepare these submissions.

The triggers for an SDA or SMP, and the definition of small and large scale, is set by each individual SDAPP Council based on the development context in their area.

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Sustainability House are well placed to assist you in understanding the BESS process and can prepare all reports associated with nine BESS categories: 

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By using industry leading best practices, Sustainability House can strategically assist in delivering cost effective solutions to energy efficiency issues, whether you are building a new home or a major commercial project.

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