BCA / NCC Consulting - Energy Efficiency and ESD Services for Commercial and Residential Construction

The Building Code of Australia / National Construction Code provides several methods to demonstrate compliance with required energy efficiency provisions. Sustainability House specialise in assessment options for both commercial and residential designers and builders, as well as offering a full suite of ESD and engineering services. See below for more details:

Commercial Buildings - BCA/NCC Compliance Consulting (BCA/NCC Volume 1)

Sustainability House is a leading provider of advanced modelling, engineering and ESD services for commercial building projects. We believe that it is important for the building design to be coordinated across all design disciplines.

Our knowledge and experience provides an integrated approach to design advice, performance modelling and compliance sign-off against relevant standards.

We can review alternatives for optimising operation & building specification costs whilst coordinating the engineering services design and BCA compliance.

As specialist ESD consultants, we will help you navigate the documentation requirements for building approval, whether it be for a private certifier or directly through council:

  • Energy Efficiency (Section J) JV3 verification method or Deemed-to-Satisfy
  • Health & Amenity (Part F4) natural & mechanical ventilation, natural & artificial lighting
  • BCA compliance advice
  • Star Ratings (NatHERS) for Class 2
  • Alternative Solutions

For more information on our full suite of services see here

Residential Thermal Energy Assessments BCA/NCC Compliance Consulting (BCA/NCC Volume 2)

Our Residential Division specialises in energy assessments of residential buildings, developments, alterations, extensions, holiday homes and architect-designed homes, which are National Construction Code (BCA) Class 1 and Class 10 buildings. Sustainability House can provide Deemed-to-Satisfy reports covering the Energy Rating assessment using National House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) accredited software or Elemental Provisions assessments, as well as alternative assessment option (Verification using a Reference Building) and BASIX assessments for NSW.

Whatever your requirements, Sustainability House has the flexibility, resources and expertise to  deliver cost effective solutions to ensure building compliance. Sustainability House consultants specialise in the analysis of building performance and are aware of all changes, alterations or amendments to your reporting and legal obligations.

Residential Energy Efficiency  Compliance Methods

Deemed-to-Satisfy — BCA Elemental Provisions Method

This method involves checking your project against a standard set of parameters that meet the BCA requirements. There are advantages and disadvantages to this method.  One advantage is that it makes building assessment relatively quick and easy.  However, if the building isn’t achieving compliance, this method can make it harder to integrate necessary improvements.  This approach can also create problems when innovative building products are specified, or when the construction cannot meet minimum requirements due to site, project budget or design restrictions.

Deemed-to-Satisfy — Thermal Calculation Star Rating Method

Using the Thermal Calculation method, a building is compliant if it does not exceed an annual energy allowance. The energy usage of the building is given a Star Rating between 1 and 10 stars to reflect the overall thermal performance of the building.

We assesses the whole building, measuring the total performance rather than individual elements as in the Deemed-to-Satisfy Elemental Provisions method. More factors are considered holistically: like flooring, walling, roofing, glazing size / type and location, orientation and ventilation (both natural and mechanical).

Currently the minimum compliance requirement across Australia is 6 stars apart from the Northern Territory where it is 5 stars. These levels are only minimum requirements; the software programs provide results up to 10 stars.

Sustainability House can work with you to achieve a higher Star Rating if you wish.

A thermal calculation (Star Rating) can be produced using AccuRate, FirstRate5 or BERS Pro software, which are all accredited for this purpose.

Alternative Solution — Verification using a Reference Building

Sustainability House can work with you to tailor an alternative solution for BCA section compliance with the Verification using a Reference Building assessment method. This alternative gives you flexibility to meet energy efficiency compliance by using both the Deemed-to-Satisfy Elemental Provisions method and the thermal modelling software.

The Verification using a Reference Building assessment method uses the Elemental Provisions as a compliance benchmark. A building is modelled with the Elemental Provisions using thermal modelling software to create a target annual energy consumption. The building is then designed with your desired specification and this proposed building is also modelled in the thermal software.  If your proposed building uses the same or less energy than the reference target then it is deemed to comply.

This process gives builders, architects and designers the freedom to design buildings that meet (or exceed) specifications while also being cost effective and compliant.

Other Services

Sustainability House also provides an Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) Consultancy. This service provides expert advice, research, design optimisation and shading diagrams.

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By using industry leading best practices, Sustainability House can strategically assist in delivering cost effective solutions to energy efficiency issues, whether you are building a new home or a major commercial project.

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