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Issue 3 March 2017 Water Sensitive Urban Design

ISSUE # 3 March Article about WSUD requirements in Victoria  Read More →

SUHO Studio announced the WINNER of the BDAV 10 Star Challenge

Paradigm Shift by Sustainability House has been announced the winning project of the 10 Star Sustainable Design Challenge awarded by the Building Designers Association of Victoria’s for 2017.  Read More →

ISSUE #2 February 2017 V2622

Alternative Solutions for Energy Efficiency Compliance in Residential projects Cost Effective compliant solutions  Read More →

ISSUE #2 February 2017 JV3

JV3 Verification Method for Energy Efficiency Compliance in Commercial projects Cost effective alternative solutions  Read More →

ISSUE #1 January 2017 BESS Assessments

January Article about BESS Assessments  Read More →

ISSUE #1 January 2017 Air Infiltration

January Article about Air Infiltration  Read More →

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