Corporate Social Responsibility Statement 

At Sustainability House we’re passionate about environmental sustainability. We know that the buildings we help build today will be the buildings occupied by future generations; that the impact these buildings have on the environment will be our legacy. This is why we think that buildings should be designed, built and maintained to achieve the best possible performance - for our environment, as well as for the occupants who inhabit them.

We also think companies should behave responsibly towards the environment, their employees and to the wider community.

We foster and encourage environmental sustainability practices in our office with things such as extensive cyclist facilities to reduce our collective emissions as well as our impact on the morning rush hour; recycling & composting systems to reduce our waste to landfill; and water efficient fixtures to reduce our consumption of potable water. When we are forced to travel, we offset our travel emissions through initiatives such as Trees for Life.

We are committed to creating a culture and the conditions for our staff to do great things. Support and mentoring in their work life; access to the training they need to develop their skills and their careers; opportunities to work on engaging projects that keep them passionate; and the freedom and flexibility to be in control of their own work-life balance.

And beyond our four walls we actively sponsor worthwhile industry and community initiatives that promote fresh thinking and creative ways of tackling the wider issues of sustainability - from grass roots film festivals, to sustainability open days, forums and conferences.

Above all, we believe in running an ethical business that has a positive impact on our community.

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By using industry leading best practices, Sustainability House can strategically assist in delivering cost effective solutions to energy efficiency issues, whether you are building a new home or a major commercial project.

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